Transformers 2008

Yes, that is the title of one was my all-time favourite movies, but this one isn’t about it, but about the awesome CCIS Sisters’ Camp.

I have to say that the timing was right after all. I was not tired of dealing with my studies at that time, but that was one of the lowest point you can be when you can be emotionally – you can’t pray, you mind was busy puzzling over small stuff, and there I was – trying to catch up and reach out for some divine help. Some peace of mind.

I paid £50 for this, and I think it was worth it. I’ve been wanting to go since I was in my first year, but probably some things were just more important (that includes MCOT obviously) and only in my final year I was able to join it.

And of course, it felt good to be a participant. Do what you want to do, and feel no burden on your shoulder.

And the view was just mesmerising! Subhanallah! Lake District is, as usual, picturesque. I’ve been there three times at least (Freshers’ Camp, trip with abang Raja, CCMP), but each times it just gave me the reason to be happy. How good is that?

And the best bit was the talk from Sheikh Khalid Yasin, and probably this view which I will have it safe and secured in my mind:

And the sisters own my respect – victoriously gathered a crowd that probably none of our normal da’wah organisations can do, to an Islamic camp like this. Probably we just have to formulate some other methods to get everyone (by everyone I mean not the ‘Islamic-looking’s only, but rather everyone!) to be attracted to what we are doing. It is the method, and perhaps, it is ourselves that need a make-over.

Pen-off here, will write some more soon.

Muslim Week is here again, and with loads on fantastic speakers. Mancunians, please don’t say no to this!


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