Month: November 2008

Get Things Done


Now I really have to believe that whenever I am busy i.e. have a tight schedule, I am far more efficient with my time though the downside is that the probability if being depressed is far higher. Now that I am back on my self-study schedule, my cosy room must be seen as the villain (now, it sounds like escapism, blame everything else but yourself!) that I need to go away from it to fulfill my 9-hour-per-day study pledge. So there I am, you probably gonna see me more at John Rylands university Library, Prayer south Hall, University Place Food Court etc.

Surely plenty of free time can be both bliss and evil at the same time.

I am trying to adopt this 15-minute rule into my life. My attention-span is shorter by day, it seems:

The major premise of the book is that you shouldn’t force learning. This can be translated this into; do not force yourself to complete a project all at one time. If you spend too much time trying to squeeze out one more word or come up with one more creative idea your brain may go numb. The remedy is to do things in 15-minute spurts.

The author of the book says that when the brain is overloaded it has a tendency to shut down. Nothing is comprehended. For example, if you are studying for an exam and have to read 20 pages, only the first 10-15 minutes of what you read actually sinks in. After that time period itís like mental white noise. You see the words on the paper but nothing is getting through.

It ís much the same way with working on a project for school or business. Even writing an article or paper can be mentally taxing. The ideas stop flowing after a while. So that is why spending a maximum of 15-minutes engaged in a single task is all that you really need to do to be productive. That’s great news for us procrastinators. Just the thought of having to sit down and concentrate on one single task is mind numbing and overwhelming.

86 400 seconds credited into my bank account each midnight.

Most often than not spent doing nothing useful for my Next Day, like what this survey shows:



Women – 27 years: Eight hours’ sleep a night may sound luxurious. But according to a survey by bed makers Silentnight that’s how long most women spend dozing when the endless hours spent sleeping as a child and the amount of shut-eye you take through adulthood is averaged. Five years of this time is spent dreaming.

Men – 25 and a half years: Women may not believe that men spend less time in the pit, but in reality it has more to do with their shorter life expectancy than with laziness.


Women – two years: Working women take an average 90 minutes to get ready. That’s made up of 10 minutes showering, 30 minutes applying make-up, 24 minutes doing their hair and 26 minutes deciding what to wear and getting dressed. The research was by

Men – six months: A quick shower, shave and slick of hair gel takes 11 minutes: five minutes in the shower, two minutes shaving, one minute on their hair and three minutes getting dressed. That rises to 32 minutes when a bloke prepares for a night out or a date.


Yes, getting ready and sleeping can be an act of worship if done with the right attention, but perhaps 6-hour sleep is just too long.


Transformers 2008

Yes, that is the title of one was my all-time favourite movies, but this one isn’t about it, but about the awesome CCIS Sisters’ Camp.

I have to say that the timing was right after all. I was not tired of dealing with my studies at that time, but that was one of the lowest point you can be when you can be emotionally – you can’t pray, you mind was busy puzzling over small stuff, and there I was – trying to catch up and reach out for some divine help. Some peace of mind.

I paid £50 for this, and I think it was worth it. I’ve been wanting to go since I was in my first year, but probably some things were just more important (that includes MCOT obviously) and only in my final year I was able to join it.

And of course, it felt good to be a participant. Do what you want to do, and feel no burden on your shoulder.

And the view was just mesmerising! Subhanallah! Lake District is, as usual, picturesque. I’ve been there three times at least (Freshers’ Camp, trip with abang Raja, CCMP), but each times it just gave me the reason to be happy. How good is that?

And the best bit was the talk from Sheikh Khalid Yasin, and probably this view which I will have it safe and secured in my mind:

And the sisters own my respect – victoriously gathered a crowd that probably none of our normal da’wah organisations can do, to an Islamic camp like this. Probably we just have to formulate some other methods to get everyone (by everyone I mean not the ‘Islamic-looking’s only, but rather everyone!) to be attracted to what we are doing. It is the method, and perhaps, it is ourselves that need a make-over.

Pen-off here, will write some more soon.

Muslim Week is here again, and with loads on fantastic speakers. Mancunians, please don’t say no to this!


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What Done is Done

Esok saya kembali menulis untuk blog ini, inshaAllah.

Literature Review juga Research Proposal bakal dihantar esok, sekurang-kurangnya melegakan sedikit fikiran.

Seminggu ini asyik sakit-sakit, penangan tidur yang tidak cukup, juga badan yang penat dek kelas intensif. Pengajaran: Jaga hak tubuh badan!

Hujung minggu ini saya akan menghadiri kursus anjuran alKauthar Institute: Mark of A Jurist. Mudah-mudahan £60 yang dibelanjakan akan berbaloi – bukan kerana sangsikan pengisian, tetapi khuatirkan diri sendiri yang mungkin tak mampu bertahan selama 10 jam 30 minit untuk dua hari berturut-turut!

Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan MCOT sudah berlangsung minggu lalu, dan saya secara rasminya bukan lagi EXCO MCOT – walaupun imej MCOT yang saya bawa sejak tiga tahun dulu bukan senang untuk ditanggalkan. Lega, tapi kenapa rasanya beban itu belum hilang?

Minta ampun maaf atas semua salah silap saya sepanjang menjadi komiti, tersilap membawa arah dalam meneraju (ada komen yang MCOT agak sekular sepanjang sesi lepas), mahupun atas ketidaksengajaan menjadi sangat sarkastik ketika sesi soal jawab ketika mesyuarat. Sungguh, saya tidak sedar jawapan saya bunyinya sungguh sinikal!

Apapun, what done is done.

Astaghfirullahu li walakum.

Spirited Away: Always with Me


My housemates say that I have become addicted to this song. I guess I am. I just can’t help.

And it is not just the melody, it’s the lyrics too.

Here’s the translation:



Somewhere, a voice calls, in the depth of my hear

May I always be dreaming, the dreams that move my heart.


So many tears, of sadness, uncountable through and through

I know on the other side, of them, I’ll find you


Every time we fall down to the ground, we look up to the blue sky above

We wake to its blueness, as for the first time


Though the road is long and lonely

And the end far away, out of sight


I can with these two arms, embrace the light

As I bid farewell, my heart stops, in tenderness I feel


My silent empty body begins to listen to what is real

The wonder of living, the wonder of dying


The wind, town and flowers, we all dance one unity

Somewhere, a voice calls in the depths of my heart


Keep dreaming your dreams, don’t ever let them part

Why speak of all your sadness or of life’s painful woes


Instead let the same lips sing a gentle song for you

The whispering voice, we never want to forget, in each passing memory


Always there to guide you


When a mirror has been broken, shattered pieces scattered on the ground

Glimpses of new life, reflected all around


Window of beginning, stillness, new light of the dawn

Let my silent empty body be filled and reborn


No need to search outside, nor sail across the sea

‘Cause here shining inside me, it’s right here inside me


I’ve found brightness, it’s always with me


p.s. I fall for Haku. Almost instantaneously.