The first and the last

Just a little whining on my personal life.

I have started my one-week intensive course on Aqueous System Technology. By intensive, I mean that this 15-credit module is taught in this whole week, from 9 to 5, with breaks which amount to 1.5 hour per day.

Of course, regardless of the module being very interesting, I just cannot stand sitting permanently in one small room with another 12 students for hours – it is just crazy. And yes, for the ever increasing possibility of me getting sleepy, I have decided to have my daily dose of caffeine increased. 3 cups per day, minimum.

And this is how my desk looks like:

That’s the free coffee we get – I have been a regular customer of Rock Cafe in Renold Building for days now.

So there goes my first lecture of the semester!

Last evening we had our MCOT meeting, the final one for this session which is supposed to end in 2 weeks (yes, AGM is coming, you Mancunians!)- and it was my last MCOT meeting after three years involved.

Happy of course, I won’t be attached to anything , a free one at last. But perhaps, there is a little sadness.

Maybe this is why some of the seniors described the relationship with MCOT : it is in the blood. MCOT mengalir dalam darah.

So there goes my last meeting!


One comment

  1. terase beberape manusia yang sepatutnye ade dalam pictures di atas, tapi tidak dimasukkan, termasuk penulis itu sendiri..

    rupenye kelas 9-5 everyday.. sori la buat2 tak paham semalam bile suruh ponteng tuh. coffee wakes you up, but makes u more stress and increase ur moroseness as well..


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