University Life Part Four

Strange art. One of the buildings in Manchester Ciy Centre.

Princess Street. A view of someone who was tiredly waiting for the bus to come.

I did not update my blog for quite a long time. I am not that busy, and I have peacefully settled down in my new cosy room but it is the internet connection that is a problem – thanks to BT. Currently I am using a friend’s mobile broadband.

Probably I should just write a bit about what is happening here before I jump into topics I have in mind – which I will soon write about InshaAllah.

The final part of my university life has started, and to my surprise, my academic timetable is way too relaxed. I have four modules this semester – Research Dissertation (unfortunately the topic I was eyeing was given to someone else – if that is because I wasn’t around during summer to discuss with her, then I’m fine with it, but she’s offering me another topic right now), Book Module (read a book , master it, and answer exam questions based on it), Aqueous Systems Technology, and Aerial Emissions Avoidance and Abatement.

What’s funny is that the timetable I obtained today only consists of a few lines (instead of tables, as usual), which looks like this:

MEng Chemical Engineering with Environmental Technology Lectures start: 29/09/08 – 19/12/08 Reading Week: 3rd-7th Nov 2008 Research Dissertation – Semester 7 and 8 Book Module – Semester 7 (1 lecture date to be advised) Aqueous Systems Technology – 1 week intensive module w/c 27/10/08 Aerial Emissions Avoidance and Abatement – 1 week intensive module w/c 10/11/08

What these lines actually mean is:

1. I won’t have any real lecture until 27 October, which is approximately one month away.
2. Except for the two weeks of intensive modules (which means that I will finish one module in one week, listening to lectures 9-5), I will only have appointments with my research supervisor, otherwise I can just work from home.
3. I need to find something else, something serious to make me busy!

The third point is a serious one. I mean, I’m not used of self-study (thanks to years of 9-5 lecture) so having an empty timetable might make me less particular about how I spend my time) – the saying that ‘the busier you are the more efficient you’ll tend to be‘ applies to me. I figure out that maybe I should really find a part time job, particularly in environmental sector (Let’s go to Part-Time Job Fair) and if I could not get any, I will resort for a permanent volunteer work in the same field – for experience sake.

A whole year without any direct involvement with MCOT (which has been a part of my life since I was in my first year) obviously will increase my free time. Probably more activities with fellow theatre-goers, Young Greens, and Islamic knowledge-seekers will keep me busy and occupied (thus deters me from indulging in time-wasting acts). Visits to Careers Service.

I’m off to The Riveters first meeting this evening, Young Green‘s Introduction to EU & Green Politics tomorrow and its first meeting on Thursday, inshaAllah.

Eyeing to book a ticket of the incoming performance of Independent Means next month. And guess what they are staging in two months? Great Expectation! Definitely a must-see!

Anyone interested to be my date?

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  1. “the busier you are the more efficient you tend to be,”

    well, i guess that goes to our sweet-ol KMB..hu3~

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