Dragonball again!

Son Goku – for the Movie. Is Goku supposed to be good-looking anyway?

OK, I am a little bit crazy to spend my time this way, but I need some good laughs alone (even the cats don’t want to befriend me!) – and thus I have finished downloading and reading 42 volumes of my favourite childhood manga – Dragonball.

I prefer reading the manga itself than watching -it plays with my imagination more than the ugly-looking animations. Just like what this scientist found out:

Johnson observed that watching TV does not require the use of imaginative thinking because the viewer passively takes in pictures on the screen (2). When children read, however, they generate their own mental images (2). Here, imaginative thinking refers to the spontaneous generation of mental images in response to incoming visual and/or auditory information. Johnson’s claim merely states that watching TV does not promote imaginative thinking during the act of TV viewing itself, when compared to reading. Thus, regardless of their supposed educational value, TV programs generally leave no room for imagination because they supply abundant images to direct or dominate children’s thinking. (Source)

And I hate the animation series for giving my characters some colours which do not fit my imagination!

All the way reading, as usual, whenever I took a break my subconscious mind somehow started to remind me that I’m gonna miss the story while doing what I did- as if it was watching in on TV! That is crazy!

And now, I can’t wait for the movie.



  1. Afnizar,

    Wow,glad to see your entry this time. Dragon ball also my childhood manga fav, instead Alam Perwira, Dendam Kesumat etc. Thinking back, its funny though,I used to spend all the money to buy those crazy series, sanggup berlapar..Just wondering if there are Alam Perwira version for Movie. I am very sure a hero in Alam Perwira should be very in good looking…I am the one who still remember those special ‘Hikmat2’/moves. Fatt was one of my childhood hero…


  2. Neurox,

    Thanks for coming again.

    I didn’t read other manga unfortunately – dragonball is the one, and the only one..hehe..but I’m sure Alam Perwira is a good one too (komik yang nipis and besar tu kan?).. yeah, it is nice to return to our childhood once in a while..away from the stress of being adults..recalling all the himkat and moves 😀

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