Picture Perfect

Well, not technically perfect, but these are some of the photos I love – for both sentimental and the mood they captured mostly. Taken with my Samsung Digimax the one camera I am so pleased with, but thanks to my carelessness, now it rests in peace. Should be hunting for a new one soon, before my next travel. Bosnia-Herzegovina this winter, probably. Morocco seems to be so much hassle with visa and stuff.

Inverness, January 2006.

I don’t like winter much, never get excited with snow either (it is slippery, trust me), but I just love this piece.

Lake District, March 2006.

A trip with my foster family to Lake District. This one just give me the serenity required, thus was my desktop wallpaper for a long time. A winter afternoon.

Also Lake District, March 2006.

Finally I found the house that has been in my imagination since I was a kid! A house of my childhood imagination that materialized at Lake District.

Jalan Guar Jentik, Perlis. Summer 2006.

Except for the slight spoiler on the right, I still love this one. My friends who have never seen a paddy field in their lives before, piled to my house for this sight. I just love the colour.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 2006.

Sunset. Thanks to the late camera feature.

Legoland Windsor, late summer 2007.

This is just a Lego-sized building, trust me! Look at the size of the coins in the fountain.

Granada, Spain. Easter 2007.

A chess set I found in one of the craft shop. Just love it!

Alexandria, Egypt. Summer 2007.

The dome of Salahuddin al-Ayubi fortress in Alexandria, Egypt. Another version using my cameraphone was the wallpaper for my mobile for quite sometimes.

Alexandria, Egypt.

The palm tree’s reflection on the water was stunning. This pic makes me miss Egypt so much.

OK, I might need to continue this post later.

I’m having some kind of writer’s block. So many things to write on, but my words don’t come out right.



  1. I’m very sure that it was me in the first picture..that tudung and that stripey trousers..hee.

  2. Amiin.. aku dah all excited tau! Adik lelaki aku gelak gile masa aku ckp nak gi Bosnia.

    Yeah, that was you. The younger you, of course.

  3. Kak

    I just found put that I’m kicked put of the dorms for the whole winter break. That really sucks, so I have to figure out what’s the contingency plan and will update you later.

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