Olympics: Go, and amaze me!

Sure it does, the Olympic 2008 Beijing. It does amaze me – with all these super human beings and crazy records, Olympic did quite well so far in amazing me and had me stuck in front of the TV for hours. Thanks to ASTRO as well, for that 11-channel coverage.

I am not interested in all events, of course – swimming, diving, gymnastics, some of the athletic events, synch swimming (I love the very knowledgeable female commentator), basketball, and a few other sports – but I like to watch the victory ceremony (is that what they call it), that sense of accomplishment in the faces of the gold medalist. I understand why they normally cry – it’s the hard work all these years – like Phelps, it was after 2 Olympics (2004, 2000) that he now crowned the (arguably) the greatest olympian in history. That is why I don’t think giving RM 1 million for any sportsperson who manage to grab a gold medal in Olympic is not reasonable – it will inspire other people at least- to push their limit (but datukship is just not necessary!)

But I am surely amazed by this stats as well, this article I found What is a Gold Medal Really Worth? . This is how much a gold medal is worth for the UK:

Unsurprisingly, at just £1.25m per medal and little more than £2m per gold, cycling tops the list. Six sports come in at less than £5m per medal. Tellingly, all the sports that received at least £10m in lottery funding won at least one gold, while only two sports that received less than £5m – boxing and the modern pentathlon – won medals of any colour.

I wonder how much did we spend for our silver medal and how much did Ethiopian government spent for its two gold medals winner Dibaba…



  1. Kak,

    NBC, the official Olympics broadcaster in the US is the only channel I’ve been watching for the past 15,16 days. Amazingly, I didn’t miss the other shows I’ve been so crazy about at all. Lagi, haha, I kept referring to Team USA as ‘we’ and ‘us’ when talking to my American friends. So when I mentioned Chong Wei winning a silver, they went ‘wait, are you talking about Malaysia or USA?’

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