The more I read…

The title should continue as follows:

The more I read…

the more I realize that I am stupid!

I started preparing for the so-called interview (check previous entry) by reading articles on sustainability. But it comes to me after a while, after having encountered an article that argues the validity of the term sustainability, that maybe I should study a little bit on environmental philosophy. After all, claiming that such a concept is wrong might not be baseless – and might have rooted from the philosophical part of it.

So environmental philosophy (and yes, there exist environmental thinkers/philosophers) is concerned about the natural environment and our place in it. It is divided into several parts, which all I found very, very interesting: Environmental Ethics, Environmental Aesthetics, Ecofeminism and Environmental theology.

Goodness me. The last two branches are really unthought-of!

O Lord, grant me knowledge and wisdom…


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