Reminiscence of 1-year-old memory

SB 1

SB 1

SB 1

I think it was Google blog or something which recommend this website – Scrapblog, for those with creative minds but lack skills. Or maybe lack skills and interest to do ‘real’ scrap books. This scrapblog is absolutely awesome. Try it for yourself, and you might come out with better products than those shown here.

It is already one year, in a week time to be exact, that I left Egypt (I can still remember how badly I cried on the journey back to the UK) – but everything seems to be as fresh as ever.

Next time I go travelling, I will miss Hakimah a lot. She is my travel buddy (she has been with me to Ireland, Spain, Egypt, and many other places in the UK) – a very patient one indeed. Must have been bullied a lot by a dictator like me. Sorry, dear!

This one is for you. I’ll do some more.



  1. Afni, ku rase untaku pakai rantai loceng.ngehngehngeh.

    haa ya benar, ko memang diktator. syukur kepada ALLaah kerana daku dikurniakan seorg sahabat sepertimu Afni – dapat memupuk nilai sabar dalam diriku dalam melayan kerenahmu. Hee 😀

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