I am no sportsperson, that is for sure. But being disable at that does not mean that I lack the capacity to enjoy it – especially when it comes to Olympics, other than football (I didn’t watch Euro 2008 though, not without England in it) and rugby (yes, thanks to my school which made this sport the official, main sporting event).

So Olympics comes. I watched the grand opening over dinner at a restaurant, could not believe my eyes that an event can be as happening, as great, as awesome as that. And the first day, that is today, I spent my afternoon multitasking – folding the clothes while watching male gymnastics. I also watched the record-breaking attempt by Chinese female weightlifter – and impressed by it. Goodness me (the commentator favourite remark, I reckon), these athletes have definitely push their limits.

I read the other day, the latest issue of Readers’ Digest, on the plasticity of brain. The fact that brain can be regenerated, reinvented, retrained seems to be a fact that constitutes so many possibilities. It suggests that you can train yourself to be a genius now. You can do whatever you want with yourself.

The author of the book ‘The Brain that Changes Itself’ wrote:

In the course of my travels I met a scientist who enabled people who had been blind since birth to see, another who enabled the deaf to hear; I spoke with people who had had strokes decades before and had been declared incurable, who were helped to recover with neuroplastic treatments; I met people whose learning disorders were cured and whose IQs were raised; I saw evidence that it is possible for eighty-year-olds to sharpen their memories to function the way they did when they were fifty-five. I saw people rewire their brains with their thoughts, to cure previously incurable obsessions and traumas. I spoke with Nobel laureates who were hotly debating how we must rethink our model of the brain now that we know it is ever changing.

And yes, when I watch the Olympics commercial aired on Astro, I have to just agree with the narrator. These people are heroes, to which we should be proud of. Proud of their hard work of many years, proving that as long as you really want something and tell your brain how much you want it, then your physical body will obey it. Like what the man says : ‘If you can reach that greatness, nothing is unreachable’.

Of course, with a brain like that, with a magical organ like that, nothing is impossible.

p.s. By the way, I’m impressed, highly impressed by this Astro commercial. Coolness defined!



  1. The USA 2008 Olympics Team’s mantra is “It’s not the triumph, but the struggle.” That phrase in itself says a lot =)

  2. That’s the true Olympics spirit, I bet.

    And also a rule to live by, for God doesn’t judge by the result, but the struggle.

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