Being 23

I have no idea that being 23, and a girl can be quite something. Well, right now I have the taste of how it feels of to be 30 and unmarried, as people especially my relatives, even after 5 minutes talking to me (recall that I haven’t been home for a couple for years, to make this more unacceptable) will go straight to the question : Am I with someone right now? Even my 80 years old grandma asked me the same question within one hour of meeting me! It doesn’t really matter what is my answer for that question, but hey, I am just 23 for God’s sake.

My grandma even tried to frighten me by telling stories of all those 30-something ladies she met who offer themselves for marriage. Aiyah, there’s nothing wrong with that, and there’s also nothing wrong with staying single.

Pity all high-achiever out there, being a woman, 30 and single – it must have been like hell being fired with such questions. It seems that what you have achieved – think about a master degree, a latest model car, and a fulfilling career – are not important compared to this one thing, the biggest achievement ever – being married and have children.

And of course, I have to laugh my heart out as my grandma urged me to start whitening my skin. I told her that all those ‘white men’ are happier tanned than being pale looking, but she insisted that in Malaysia it is different. By having a fairer complexion you are seen as prettier – which argument I fired back – what’s the point of being pretty but have no brains – and she lauched another missile: now that you have brain why don’t you start trying to be beautiful as well. Aiyah, my grandma! I told her I won’t die even if I am not beautiful. Which is not a good statement – I should have said ‘Grandma, I am happy with how I look. All those whitening products are only suitable for girls with low self-esteem whose definition of beautiful is influenced by silly commercials.’

But I bet she won’t understand it very well, so I just kept that to myself.

p.s. I would rather have a dark but healthy skin than fair but acne-strickened skin which is in dire need of thick foundation. Haha.



  1. we’re in the same boat. =] the same ol question, and ppl around me asking when will i go back to my original size *kalau ko ingat lar*. sob2.salah ker jadi gemok?

    p/s: i want to get my master degree 1st,my own house *paling cikai condo*,own car *i want EXPENSIVE CAR only,lots of u think anyone who is young *note:YOUNG* and attractive cud afford me?hehehe.

  2. afnee, it’s being 23, and a lady, or a woman, or a..female being..not a girl..heheheh.

  3. huda,

    jadi gemok x salah, tapi membenarkan org menyebabkan ko sedih sebab ko gemok tuh salah. badan kita, bukan kacau diorg pon kan,


    aku muda remaja, ok?


    ko sangat dot dot dot

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