A Different One

A very slow production rate I admit – but being at home does make me a little less hardworking.

By the way, I’m promoting this blog, a friend of mine whom I met briefly (in fact, I managed to talk to her for a few minutes only) in Egypt when I was attending PMRAM’s convention. I think this is the first time I ever promote a blog explicitly, but this one deserves it. A girl’s blog which mentions nothing about ‘how she hates the other person’ or ‘how sad it is to break up with boyfriend’ or ‘this XX hurts me so I’m gonna mention about it in my blog so that others can read’ is rare.

This one is different, and well, exciting at least for me. The life of a Qiraat student (who obviously memorizes at chapters of Quran) must be pretty interesting to be read, right?

Take a look.


What does the blog title mean anyway?


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