Malaysia…after two years

Well, it is not exactly two years. Almost two years, 21 months actually.

But then here I am in a place called home. I arrived on the 4th of June, after 26 hours journey. That was crazy, especially when you are traveling alone. First sector from Manchester to Dubai on 2nd of June, no one sat beside me so I was quiet all the way, arrived in the amazing Dubai International Airport at midnight, wandered around alone – and had a McD meal. Yes, yes, I am supposed to boycott McDonald’s but that’s the only food I knew how it would taste. After 9 hours, I was on the flight that was to have a one hour stop at Singapore, before heading towards KLIA. I arrived in the middle of the night, hugged my mom around 1 o’clock on Wednesday morning. Spent two nights at my sister’s place (trying to reconnect with my nephew), one night at my uncle’s house in Penang (reconnection with my cousin’s daughter) and now I am safely home.

Safely, with cold and fever.

Will continue writing as soon as my head ain’t spinning anymore.


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