No Update Until…

I wish I could write, or at least continue writing my travelogue in Egypt (whoaa, can’t believe it was almost a year ago , the memories are as fresh as ever!), but for this final week before going home I am super duper busy – completing my volunteering, packing up may stuff and moving them out to the new house, and yeah, watching Desperate Housewives for a little bit of entertainment.

And don’t expect any new entry , to be safe, until 14th of June. I’m gonna be home on 3rd, but include the ritual of visiting relatives and all in the first two weeks around Perlis, Kedah and Penang- which is made compulsory by my dad, based on my experience in summer 2006 – I don’t think I’ll have a peaceful time to write anything serious.

p.s. Emirates luggage weight limit is 20kg. That is ridiculous. My sister’s Harry Potter book set takes half of that.


One comment

  1. Have a safe trip home. Keep checking your email, there’s a good chance that the writing workshop would be held in August, so I will keep you posted.

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