We are the Champion!

A friend of mine has been asking me a few times, on how is it in Manchester when Manchester United wins an important match, and most often I said I don’t know. That is particularly because I’m living in a relatively quiet area where most of its residents are the elderly. If I were living in the University Hall or anywhere close to the city centre, I would have known how is it like.

But today, in fact a few minutes ago, I was on my journey home from Cheetham Hill visiting a friend of mine, and I was grateful that I didn’t insist on going home by bus – or else I most probably won’t be home by 2 a.m. in the morning. My friend has to worriedly locked the door just to ensure that none of the drunk Manchester United supporters get into our car.

The traffic was horrible with people dancing in the middle of the road shirtless. The bars were crowded, and the queue for the ATM machines are just as long as the queue into the bars and pubs. Never mind those walking in the middle of the street singing and cheering (including those in the cars) as if they have known each other long ago. And of course, Guinness must have made quite a fortune tonight.

Pity all my friends staying in the Hall who have exams tomorrow, I bet they cannot even understand a word they are reading. The noise must be unbearable.

And for me, I’m glad Manchester United wins two titles this season, might re-think of securing a Manchester United shirt soon (printed with Rooney, no doubt).

Manchester United has definitely become a religion of these people.



  1. Huda,

    takpelah, since man utd dah menang, aku layan je lah org yg nak kutuk2..hehe


    I doubt if u train as hard as these players do, you’d say the save by Van der Sar is by luck. Btw, the harder you practice, the more luck you’ll seem to have. Haha.

    Layan je la Chelsea fans yang frust sebab tak dapat satu title pon season ni..hehe

  2. Kak,

    aku pun kena kutuk baek punyaaa oleh kawan-kawan Amerikan semalam. Mostly diaorg x ske Ronaldo sebab dia bagus sangat. Terpaksa la aku tebalkan telinga dengar carutan dan makian yang memijarkan gegendang aku.

    Btw, aku sempat tonton first half je masa lunch break kat the local tavern. Siap duduk depan-depan tivi kot, makan pun hadap tivi, bukan hadap pinggan atas meja. Semua budak laki tak mengira bangsa, warna kulit dan agama gelak kat aku, especially bila Lampard score dan aku menjerit kebengangan. Haha. Morning report aku for two days tulis tentang United je kot, to my professor’s amusement =>

  3. “A friend of mine has been asking me a few times, on how is it in Manchester when Manchester United wins an important match, and most often I said I don’t know.”

    is it me? coz i kept asking u lately. sumpah aku terasa! hahaha~

    Terry Terry naik lori,
    Anelka Anelka makan kari,
    Roman Roman jual ikan pari,
    Glory Glory lift the trophy!!

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