Back at Once

Ignore the title, simply chosen for no reason.

I can’t really register the idea that I’m going home in less than 3 weeks. I’m not done with the shopping. I have just kindly bought Manchester United Shirt for my little brother, to be more generous, printed with Ronaldo 7- though I am a fan of Rooney (that’s because he has broken my record by scoring no less than 90% for his Additional Maths exams each time) but I still have a few more in the list to go – handbags for my sister and mom; a list which won’t be entertained until 23rd May. But then, with one week left, I am gonna be busy with completing my volunteering, and also moving my stuff to 28 East Grove, our new nest, so I might as well resort to online shopping, though it will kill the fun and the therapeutic element of shopping.

I bet this is the shortest exam period so far, with only three subjects, Friday to Friday. Mine start with Safety this Friday, Fine Chemicals Production on Monday and Environmental Law and Regulations next Friday. My revision is progressing fine, alhamdulillah.

I am aching to go for jogging, but I know, as soon as I reach home after jogging I will reach for my comfortable double bed, so it will be of no use. Instead, I opt for a few hours of physical voluntering for a little exercise. Jolly good. So tomorrow at 12.30 p.m (yes, it is gonna be very very sweaty), I’m off to Levenshulme for a few more planting, or is it pulling out a species called Himalayan Balsam? Can’t remember well.

But my favourite pair of working trousers has been smudged with paint from last Friday’s painting session, so erm.. I might as well try to find (read: buy) a new one tomorrow. Right after our final meeting with Prof Webb (yes, we still, unfortunately, have design project meeting!) I’ll go straight to Primark. Haha. (Monologue: this is bad, Afni, this is bad. Your wardrobe cannot accept new members anymore)

But before that I have a few more lecture notes to be studied before 10.00 a.m tomorrow so that I can go pulling out that bad species of Balsam happily, rest assured that my revision is at the right pace as planned. Which, most probably, means I cannot sleep tonight..

Fine, let the lion sleep tonight. I won’t.

Oh, by the way, I was pretty much surprised with myself that I CAN actually feel shy. I mean, you won’t see me in any way blushing, but I was quite surprised that despite my favourite mantra ‘Just do it’ which most of the time dares me to do anything including saying something harsh to someone’s face, I can still feel vulnerable – and worse is that, I feel so shy to give ‘Tazkirah’. Thank God. I seriously, gratefully thank God for that. I just thougt that I am very far away from what a Muslim supposed to be in term of shyness, like what is described of Rasulullah (pbuh), that he was more shy than a virgin. I am not married, but of course, I am not the kind of woman that is being compared to the Beloved in this hadith. Good start, a good start indeed.

Till then, wish me luck.



  1. it’s 27 East Grove, dear. or else, “Hello, I’m your neighbour” will happen again.hoho.

  2. kalau aku nak pindah 28 east grove pon xpe, aku tak bayar deposit lagi. hahah.

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