Random: Humanitarian Engineering, Sir Terry Leahy and My Viva

The title does not sound good, I know. But this is just a simple update.

I received Haz’s parcel this morning- a DVD and a pamphlet on Colorado School of Mines Humanitarian Engineering Program(Thanks sweetheart!). Gotta find time to watch it, really seems to be an interesting piece. You might ask, what is humanitarian engineering, and the pamphlet says it is a design under constraints to directly improve the wellbeing of underserved populations. Jolly good. Engineering students, listen, it is not necessarily the medic students who can organize this humanitarian relief to Cambodia or wherever. You too, can do the same thing with the sets of skills you acquired. I believe that what we can do is more of the ‘prevention’ bit rather than ‘cure’.

Want an example? I’ll write about this later.

But then, it does not have to be named ‘humanitarian’ for an engineering work to say that it is beneficial to the people. Or even, specifically to the underserved. I went to a talk by Sir Terry Leahy, the CEO of Tesco, a Manchester University alumnus actually, yesterday. I think this was one of the most inspiring talk I have ever listened to in these few years. He was asked about Corporate Social Responsibility and his view on it, and I have to agree with him. CSR does not necessarily have to be an extra thing, an optional but beneficial thing, but rather, it should be integrated into your core business.

Similar to engineering I guess. The whole purpose of engineering works is to produce something (or maybe a service) for the people. Yes, there was a period of time when people only cared about how much profit they gained from what they construct, but nowadays, as more people are aware about the term ‘sustainability’, more engineering works seem to take into account its affect on people. Which is excellent.

My oral exam, for the design project will be on the 6th of May. Wish me luck. My catalysed fixed bed reactor seems to work well conceptually, hopefully it won’t give me much problem in term of explaining in front of Prof Colin Webb and Robin Curtis later.

Oh, by the way, I just like what Sir Terry Leahy said about leadership:

A leader is the one who will take you further than on your own.

Which is absolutely true.

I’ve found my leader, how about you?

p.s. This is a bad entry. Pardon the messy, unorganized way of writing.



  1. Wow, that was quick! I sent it only six days ago! Hope you will enjoy the dvd, dear =)

  2. i will, but since my DVD player is not working (which means i have to use hanee’s laptop to watch), it won’t be until i get home that i can watch it.

    But then, by that time, i will have more than enough time to refelct and see if i can construct an action plan based on the DVD.

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