Home in One Month!

I’ve bought my flight ticket home, Alhamdulillah. But the problem with having a flight ticket to Malaysia with you is that you cannot stop thinking about it. I’m gonna be home on 3rd of June, almost midnight. My parents were so happy (I bet they have now started a count down), well, don’t blame them, I’ve been away for two years.

I received my e-ticket today. To my surprise, my outbound journey comprises of 2 transits- one in Dubai, another one in Singapore. It was not mentioned clearly, or maybe I overlooked on its website, but really, I don’t mind though I’m gonna be all alone!

But then what I’m going to do during 9 hours transit in Dubai? Maybe I should pack a few magazines and books, or maybe prepare myself to be friendly and chat with a stranger or two as usual.

The interesting bit about going home is going shopping for presents. I’ve began my shopping on Saturday, have a few more to do online. I’ve got 5 out of 7 Harry Potter Series currently, for my younger sister. Gotta pray that I will win one in Ebay, and find the final one somewhere.

Oh, shopping is definitely a therapy!

Anyone wants to hire me as a personal shopper?



  1. Becks,


    Terima kasih kerana datang berkunjung. I’ve seen your blog. Good stuff you have there too.

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