April Snow

Road and air chaos as snow blankets parts of country | World news | The Guardian

Chaotic, ain’t it? It is not yet close to a re-make of The Day After Tomorrow, my favourite film, but it is still chaotic.

For the last few weeks I’ve been residing in Kak Ros’s room upstairs, facing the backyard, with the workstation located near the window.

And for the last few weeks, I’ve seen the unexpected: snow, ice showers, and yes, in April. For Manchester to have a white day, or even a white Christmas, the probability is quite low.

But April snow is not unusual, they said, but this one is the worst in two decades (bear in mind British loves to have exaggerated headlines like ‘the coldest in 100 years’, ‘the hottest day in this year’ etc):

Snow in April is not uncommon, according to the Met Office, although heavy falls are unusual: “The last time we saw a decent snowfall in the UK in April was in 1989 [on the fifth day of the month], when heavy snow fell across parts of the south Midlands and central southern England.” In parts of the south 8-10cm (3-4in) of snow was reported but it thawed during the day and overnight.

Unseasonal snow, they called it.

I call it climate change.



  1. afni!!
    pe khaba? lama nye tak sembang ngan ko… heheheh
    saja je nk ckp kitorg kat Minnesota ni pon ada snow lg skg ni…

    k kem salam kat hani skali yek

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