Dragon Ball the Movie

I read this news a few months ago, and couldn’t help but getting excited. I think all Dragon Ball fans are as excited. The movie was supposed to be screened in August this year, but now they said it won’t be until 2009. Never mind. As long as it comes out great, I don’t mind if I have to wait.

Some even dedicate a weblog the movie. Visit this one if you are interested:Dragonballthemovie.
You just have to agree with the actor (he’s playing Piccolo, what’s the name in Malay?) – it is like the best comic in the last 50 000 years. Hehe.

It was a childhood dream to see all those characters I love alive, really. I didn’t watch the animation series – they spoiled my imagination: the drawings were ugly, the voices contradict those in my imagination – so I didn’t watch. My cousin’s collection of the comics (I only managed to buy a few back then) was gone, he said my aunt threw it way, so I have no chance whatsoever to dwell in the story of my favourite superhero again.

I was once thinking to start buying the comics again here, but it was different. I want the silly, funny Malay translation only! Tell me, are they still selling Dragon Ball in Malaysia?

At the mean time, enjoy this clip. Awesome!

p.s. I’d rather have my children watch Dragon Ball than that dirty Shin Chan.


One comment

  1. u said DIRTY shin chan??? im the die hard fan of sin chan tau…how dare you..daripada cartoon wut they called it, Bola Naga which is totally just x masuk akal segala cerita tu..hahaha..(balas dendam..)exactly like all my younger bros siap ada collection komik n anime i suppose.huh!at least sin chan is a cute little kid yang agak nakal sikit jek..haha

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