Anak Halal the Movie

The translation of the film title is ‘Legal Child’, well, think of it as the opposite of ‘Love Child’.

I watched this film last night (on Youtube of course), with Hanee, despite our projects being far from complete. And all the way watching that film we did nothing but commenting – ‘What is the average time between two hugging scenes?’, ‘This film sucks big time’, ‘Ewww, nasty!’. We really seemed like we had nothing to do, didn’t we?

To be honest, this film is crap. Crap to the power of 10 000. No, your calculator can never bear the number of digits. I mean, shallow plots, stereotyping, and yeah, I have to admit that film is nasty. No, I don’t have any problem with the film looking nasty if that is a real world – the world I’ve never seen. But shut up, you don’t have to pay Muslim actors and actresses to do hugging and kissing scenes, never mind the ‘berkemban’ scene.

Nasty, disgusting. Cannot find any other words.

With Maya Karin and Farid Kamil (both are Muslims, remember?), wearing singlets/sleeveless and hugging each other even from the start, I couldn’t stop thinking whether this is a real film or just a commercial selling such garments.

Then comes the scene of two siblings (Adi Putera, whoever he is and Raja Farah), with Raja Farah ‘berkemban’, wearing a piece of cloth strapped around her body – and, oh-so-lucky Adi Putera, he gets to kiss Raja Farah on her head while his fingers lingered on her bare shoulders. He must have not mind if he did not get paid for this film. Plenty of chances to kiss and hug pretty girls. No wonder why there are increasing cases of ‘Sumbang Mahram’ (incest) and rape in Malaysia.

Malaysian films are getting worse. Seriously. Years ago, when the film ‘Leftenan Adnan’ was release, there was a controversy on the kissing scene (between the Lieutenant and his wife at the train station). Later it was explained that the scene was done carefully using a camera technique without the actor having to kiss the actress’s forehead. Within years, the sensitivity of Malaysians changed so much – now people don’t really give a damn if the film have a kissing scene (no mouth-to-mouth yet) – it has become a common thing! Ugh!! What are they thinking? I bet in two years time we will see ‘the real kissing scene’ in Malay cinema.

I really wonder why were there so many fighting scenes. Must be quite a number, I should have computed the rate. As if there is no police at all in Malaysia- now it feels like watching Hindustani films. Haha.

Now I have to stop. This is a seriously bad entry, but I couldn’t help but ranting about it here – what happened to our value system, Malaysians??

p.s. I pity Raja Farah. I watched her in one telemovie before (was it Sanggar Saadah? can’t remember well) – and there she was, being raped again. Too bad, girl. Find some other films/telemovie in which you are not portrayed as a sex object.



  1. aku tak tgk pn cite ni.haha.makin teruk.tak lama lagi jadi la indon kite ni kan?haha. =p *mintak dijauhkan*

  2. hmm..macam x lama lagi kalau camni la kesnya. nauzubillah..jangan sampai anak-anak kita nanti ingat cium-cium, peluk-peluk ni dah tak salah. dah tak dosa.

  3. assalamualaikum. sedikit pandangan. saya faham mungkin tujuan entri ini adalah untuk memberi kesedaran kepada umum ttg kebobrokan yg berlaku dalam filem melayu khususnya dan di kalangan rakyat malaysia umumnya. namun, saya rasa tak perlu kita tolong sebarkan benda2 negatif sebegini. manusia mana tiada nafsu. yang tak pernah jumpa/tahu ttg filem/video ni, sedikit sebanyak akan teruja utk tengok dan ambil tahu. dan tak pasal2 dapat dosa zina mata. iman org awam ada naik turunnya. maka, saya sekali lagi rasa, tak perlu dikongsi video buruk sebegini, takut lain pula kesannya. semoga keburukan yg satu tidak bercambah menjadi bnyk. wallahu a’lam.
    semoga Allah ampunkan dosa2 kita andai kita tersilap langkah dalam beramal.amin.

  4. agak stuju dgn pandgn “sahabat”. rasanya tak wajar nk ajar anak2 mcm mane nk membunuh org, dgn niat asal nk bgtau kesan buruk dan dosa membunuh tanpa hak. sama juga halnya, tak perlu tunjuk/ajar camne cara nk berzina atau bagaimana proses penzinaan tu dilakukan, dgn niat utk beritahu bahaya/kesan buruk/dosa zina. mgkin cukup sekadar mengupas kesan2 buruk penzinaan dan hukuman Allah atas perbuatan terkutuk tersebut. saya bimbang dgn melihat video tersebut ataupun sekadar membaca apa yg anda kupas ttg video tersebut boleh membuatkan pembaca berimaginasi sdirian (ketika membaca).. Allahu a’lam.

  5. salam.

    thanks for both of you ‘sahabat’ & anonymous for your comments.

    by the way, are you two, male?

    that Is a crucial question to be answered before i made further comment on your comments.

    thanks for dropping by. jzkk.

  6. waalaikumussalam wbt. oh, saya seorang perempuan. anyhow, i think it would be better if you comment for both groups, ie male n female. coz im sure both males n females read your blog entries.=) thanks.

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