A Prayer and a Cup of Coffee


A Prayer and a Cup of Coffee

The alarm sings out at seven bringing me out of my sleep

It draws me out of my slumber so comfortable and deep.

I open my eyes and stretch my limbs as I say

Thank you, my Lord for another wonderful day.

I dress, wash up, brush my teeth and comb my hair.

I speak to my Master as into the mirror I stare.

Then I go downstairs, turn on the TV

To see what this day’s weather will be.

I pour myself a cup of coffee hot and straight

It helps to bring out of my slumber some state.

Each day, Lord, I start just as the day before.

By your grace I hope tomorrow brings me one more.

The coffee will soon give my energy a boost up

But I thank you for each day as I sip from the cup.

They say the need for coffee is simply a habit for me

And I will not argue for it’s easy to see

That I have started my days in the same way for years.

Like coffee, prayer is a habit but one that God hears.

He is stronger than coffee and more gentle, it’s true

For with each prayer I utter, my faith he will renew.

So, I will drink my coffee and I will continue to pray

And I will continue to thank God for each glorious day.

p.s. But today I opted for a cup of green tea with lemon and honey. Hopefully I’ll get well soon.


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