Ayat-ayat Cinta? *Sick*

I don’t know why so many people recommend this film if not the book. I tried to read the book (I think I managed to finish half of it, but then too lazy and bored to continue) – I’d say the book is not that bad. My friends and I had a lengthy discussion about the reality of the main character – is a character that ‘perfect’ realistic? With so many girls after him – I doubt it, I doubt it. They say Habiburrahman Shirazy (is that correct?) might be the new Hamka, but since I never read Hamka’s book, I can’t comment anything about that statement though I admit that I benefit from the reading (in term of remembrance of Allah).

Then the film is released, and I had hundreds of recommendation to watch it on Youtube. I tried, I managed to watch 2 parts out of 13 without skipping any scene but my conclusion is that the film is DISASTROUS!

Even during the first part I knew that the filming was not in Egypt – seems like in a studio somewhere. That is disappointing enough. Then comes the portrayal of the main character, who is it, I can’t even remember his name, with Maria the Christian girl – which is far from the kind of image the author projected in his book. That is not how he (the main character) supposed to be, I said.

I could not stand it anymore that I stopped watching in the middle of the third part. Disappointed really, but what can I say, when it comes to films, people think more of the profit than conveying the message of dakwah (with exception).

So don’t talk to me about Ayat-ayat Cinta anymore.

p.s. Hanee wanted to hit me since I could not stop laughing and commenting on the actors and actress speaking Indon despite their character being Egptians/Arabs. Haha. I am a skeptic, I am.

p.p.s I’ve just checked, the film is no longer available on Youtube. haha.



  1. I found the book tiresome too. Sampai ending, boleh tak perasan Maria tu- erk, kang spoiler plak. Huhu.

    I try to avoid these kind of books, because by reading some, I conclude that they offer nothing new, except for ‘legalized’ love stories, which confirm a personal pre-suspicion. Jadi baiklah saya mengelak baca supaya saya tak termengumpat orang-orang alim dalam hati. Huhu.

    Movie? Erk, macam mana pelakon bukan muhrim jadi suami isteri nih? Ya, saya skeptis dan pesimis!

    Weii, kalau ko rasa orang Mesir cakap Indonesia kelakar, try tengok Persepolis plak.Aku tengok trailer, ingatkan cakap Parsi, rupa-rupanya French. Tapi tu kartun, so lain kot. Still, kelakar =>

  2. Buku tu aku tak rasa bermasalah sangat. (reminer: aku tak baca sampai habis lagi, half I think). Plot dia mungkin tak cukup menarik, tapi ok lah,certain part of it menyebabkan aku rasa nak jadi baik myself.Bahasa pon not bad.

    tapi itulah, bila dah difilemkan, hilang terus roh dakwah. maybe the author ada justifikasi kenapa dia benarkan bukunya difilemkan in such a way.

    semangat indonesia, bagus gak kan. tapi tak realistik la pada pandangan aku (sebenarya rindu nak dgr org communicate in arabic!)

  3. haha.afni2.dah kata cite indon.kang ckp arab je kang tak paham pulak (wlupun ada je subtitle). sket2 bole la.kang tergeliat pulak lidah actor/actress tu nk berckp.haha.

    p/s:cite dia not bad la.aku dah tgk sume.cume aku kompius time dia kawen ngan maria tu.islam ke tak masa kawen tu.and satu lg,maria tu in real life aku dgr mmg islam.slamber je lukis tatoo (mungkin lukisan biasa je) cross kt pergelangan tgn la berlakon tgh pray la.haha.dunia lakonan ni mcm2.aku ingatkan kt bollywood je ada tukar2 agama on set.

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