When I fall in love it will be forever

The river. I think it is Afon Wnion River

Eldon Square, and me wearing the bright green tudung. See the small market behind, and the mountains as well.

A small road in the middle of Dolgellau town.


Beauty captured!

The market

Pardon the title. That song title seems just right about what I feel.

I haven’t travel far around the world, but I know for sure that some places, even at the very first minute you are there are able to capture your heart.

I’ve written about how I fall in love with Granada, and I still reminiscing on the beauty of Sinai, Egypt.

And last weekend, I fall in love again.

This time it is Dolgellau, a small town at the foot of mount Cader Idris, in Snowdonia, North Wales.

I did not plan to stop there, in fact I only heard the name on Friday. And the next day I was there. I was directing (in other words, leading) a trip to Snowdonia with other 24 girls. The first day we went paintballing, and the next day, we were supposed to go hiking, but unfortunately the girls were too tired for another physical activity. So I changed the plan. We were staying in a cute bunkhouse at the very outskirt of Dolgellau, and upon recommendation by the lady who owns that accomodation, we went into the town instead of hiking.

A small town I should say, a market town according to Wikipedia. A historical one it stressed, being there since Roman period. I wished instantly that I could stay there for another week, but of course I could not.

We only spent less than two hours buying souvenirs (I bought this necklace from a friendly woman, the locket being made of amethyst – which, according to Khoo, can improve my love life ~ Amiin!), luckily at that very time they have this market (Sunday market I believe) right at the centre of the town. Everyone seems to know each other (for the fact that it is a small town), and even on their website they have this service of tracking back old friends from the town. Ain’t that cute? I love Manchester too, but I just can’t help but loving a place closer to the nature.

Oh, how I wish I could be there again. Maybe someday I can run away (Dolgellau can be reach by train, £30 return!, by bus (2 buses in fact) will cost less than £20 roughly) from Manchester. Anyone interested?


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