Perlis and its MB

Stupid act, bad move.

First I was angry with the people of Perlis, for choosing retain the BN Government in 12th General election. I was so angry that they choose to stay that way while the people in 5 other states and one federal territory enjoy a more glorious day on the 9th. Despite UMNO Perlis being so weak, that you have different groups in it. Infighting is sometimes healthy in a sense that there is transparency where you are free to say what you want, but in cases like this it portrays nothing but a bunch of greedy people looking for more power and of course more money.

Now I am desperately sick upon seeing the behaviour of Shahidan Kassim. What is he thinking? Is it that he’s gonna live forever with all the money he got and all the power in hands?

Reporter: Kenapa benda ni boleh berlaku sedangkan BN Perlis telah menunjukkan prestasi cemerlang masa pilihanraya? (How can this thing happen despite BN Perlis has been excellent during GE?)

SK: Taktaulah saya. Saya takmau cakap lagilah, bagila saya chance sikit naa. Bagilah peluang yang terbaik. kalau tidak nanti tuan-tuan mengeruhkan lagi suasana. Sekarang suasana dah keruh, keruh betul, tak melawak…sebab ada dalang-dalang yang busuk hati kot kat saya. (I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about it. Give me some chances. Give me the best chance. Or else you will make thing worse. The situatuion right now is so bad, I’m not joking, because the are some crooks who dislike me maybe.)

Reporter: …pimpinan dalaman UMNO? (… among UMNO leaders?)

SK: Ada..ada..ada..depa cucuk-cucuk orang, Mereka adalah di kalangan orang-orang yang dianggap munafik… (There are, there are, there are. They influence people against me, and they are from the hypocrite)

What is he looking for? Serving the people or fighting for power? Can’t you see, people, can’t you see? Real politicians who aims to serve people, in my ideal, would not care about being the chief minister or not. After all, the CM is from his own party.


p.s. Can’t help but laughing hysterically upon listening his last words – ‘mereka ini adalah di kalangan orang-orang munafik’. Hello? Who are you? Even ulama’ won’t easily say that others are hypocrites.


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