Oh, how I wish I could write a proper entry.

But unfortunately I have thousands of things to do. I am currently in charge of NADI 08 blog (an event organised by MCOT), which you can visit here NADI08. Also the editor for the brand new MCOT bulletin coming out soon. InshaAllah.

Also, I am trying to be fully passionate on my design project – in which I need to design a few things including the three-phase fixed bed which I have never studied in any module before. I have a few book to be digested cover-to-cover . Also a few other absorbtion towers.

And, currently I am directing MCOT Girls’ Southbound Trip 2008 ‘Snowdonia, here we come’. Ladies Gala version 2 , 2008 is also on its way.

My volunteering as well.

Hopefully I can lose the 4 kg I gained after Raya a few months ago. Oh, please. I need to be 48kg again!

Till everything is in peace and tranquility, see you.



  1. :: salam… dalam merayau ke sana dan ke sini… singgah le sekejap kat rumah ni… entri dan blog yang punya kelainan tersendiri…

    :: moga dapat tumpukan perhatian dalam pelajaran… menggapai cita2… dan memenuhi harapan keluarga dan negara… yang pentingnya perlu utamakan yang utama…

  2. Wsalam.

    Syukran jazilan for visiting

    thanks for your doa.
    trying my best to balance everything.

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