What a gadget


  1. Haha.
    Macam kenal jek? Saya ada juge, kaler pink. Huahuahuahua =P
    What do you mean by gadget?
    Ko gune menda tuh wat ape weii? Haha.

    BTW, there’s another shooting rampage in the US, this time at SIU at DeKalb. The casualties were a lot less that the one at VT, but still, I heard the number is increasing.

    Some construction is going on at the building I was in for a lecture this morning, and it sounded just like gunshots. Tekejut ok!

    The school has been taking precautions, but in things like this, who knows, right? It’s not like the person has been running around screaming murder.

    Take care, dearie!

  2. dah lama tak baca ur blog. agak bz jugak. lega hari ni dp tau “perkembangan” ko. keep on writing ye bucuk!!
    t8 cre there!

  3. haz, that was a remark for my new mobile, sony ericsson k850i. that photo was taken using the 5mp camera. what a gadget.

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