The Good and The Bad

The recipe: Know yourself and learn to love it.



  1. Haha.

    Biasala tu. Good and Bad, baru complement. =P

    Obama won in Colorado last night. Besar jugak majoriti dia. Aku semakin bbelah bagi la. I can see why people like him more dan Hillary, but issues yang dia bawak disturbing la. Erm, syukur rasanya aku bukan Muslim voter kat US nih. Memang tak de calon yang represent aku kot. Haha. The price of being a minority eh?
    Alaa, kat Malaysia pun macam la ada calon yang betul-betul represent aku. Decision making cam pilih the least worst plak.
    So election tahun ni dah x smepat, 5 tahun lagi la giliran kita =P
    Hopefully the country is much better by that time. IF WE WORK FOR IT.

    BTW, Mike Huckabee is back in the running to win nomination for the Republicans, and Romney swept Utah away (90% vote tuh). Tapi ramai Mormon pun situ. Haha.

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