‘Strangers’ therapy works well!

So went the first week of my sixth semester.

Nothing spectacularly interesting except for the so-called relaxed timetable. For the time being I have two modules which count up to four hours a week and of course countless hours of design project. But to be honest, the examination made me weary and the first week went as if I was still in some holiday mood.

I am thankful though, that my new design project mates are somehow seem to be good fellows.

But still, you cannot really run away from problems, which had me wandering about a few times in the city centre.

The first, biggest, killing problem is my newly-upgraded 5 mega-pixel camera phone is yet to arrive after one month. ONE WHOLE MONTH. That is super-duper horrible. Carphone Warehouse of course. They had it sent to my old address despite me giving them the new one, and I had to go to the Old Trafford twice for that, and of course it wasn’t there. Then they said they would resend it to CPW store in Arndale, which I visited on the promised Friday and also today. And again, they don’t have it yet. I felt like shouting ‘ I WANT MY PHONE NOW!’, which I nearly did, except for the fact that I changed it to much nicer words with some harsh intonation. I shouted at the man at the customer service who answered my call and said something like: ‘CPW service is getting worse each day’, which was replied by the guy with sounds like ‘Yeah, it is’. He promised that it’s gonna be there on Monday. Like I will trust him once again. I’ll go pick up on Friday instead.


And a few other unsolved problems (yet), which had me craving for some conversations with strangers, as usual. Yeah, that weird craving.

First I have this conversation with a Chinese-lookalike girl at the bus stop, who asked for the time and later the book I was reading. Angela’s Ashes (holiday mood had me reading fiction) seemed to be a good conversation-starter, and we held the conversation long enough that she asked me to add her Facebook. Well, that is the latest way of socializing, don’t you know?

Then, after the long phone call with that CPW customer service (that was after a few hours being angry at two CPW stores in Arndale) I found myself in Waterstone’s. After all, I am still a girl who finds comfort in shopping- and of course, buying books. We’ll talk about the books later, but then I went to Costa Coffee for some time to clear my head up.

Glad that I chose to sit the spot that I sat, and within a few minutes a man came and sat in front of me.

And the best thing about that is that he was into conversation that I was craving just like me! Yeay! And we talked for almost two hours. Obama, his travel to Australia, Malaysian politics, careers, Iran, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, freedom of speech, the Zionists, the Palestinians, the MPs, Egypt, my studies.. and so I was released. From my tension.

He suggested me to go watch the documentary screening at Students’ Union every Monday, that he will be there this coming Monday, after I said that someday, I have the sense that I might end up being an activist or maybe even a politician.

The bad thing is that I forgot to ask his name. Huhu.



  1. Glad to hear that, dearie!

    How ironic sometimes we find comfort in people we hardly knew. Do we become less insecure and reveal more of ourselves with someone that we would never meet again?

    BTW, the plan for my spring break is on. Bought part of the tickets necessary for the travel this afternoon. As for the other half of the journey, heh, need to wait for my first pay of the year. Tu pon baru boleh beli one way ticket. =P

    Where are you heading to this coming Easter?

    Take care!

  2. Hmm..it could be a reason really. Even though sometimes I hope that I could meet some of them again.

    Off to the North maybe, with the girls.

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