Book-shopping therapy

Again, like Oscar Wilde said, I can resist anything but the temptation.

And the latest temptation was the ‘3 for 2’ offer at Waterstone’s.

You can’t just say no to good books and good offers, can you?

I have finished reading ‘No god but God‘ which somehow gets me into questioning a few things, as I do not agree with everything Reza Aslan wrote in that book. But still, it is a book I would suggest everyone to read, if and only if they will not absorb every single thing they read. The part in which he re-told the early history of Islam (in present tense, mind you) is definitely a must-read. I mean, I read ar-Raheequl Makhtoum by Mubarakpuri, but the way the story of hardship the companions of the Prophet faced in this book by Aslan, for example, is so moving that I shed my tears more than once.

I surrendered to the temptation by buying three books, and plus another one at the counter.

First is the book by Obama (who is more pro-zionist than Clinton, a fact that is made known to me in the conversation with the man in Costa Coffee a few minutes later) -The Audacity of Hope. I haven’t even finish the other two books I bought previously (see Books, and more Books) but I think I am going to read this one first. Well, after I finish Angela’s Ashes of course. Such a page-turner that book is.

Then, I think, due to my emotional instability, I resorted for fiction. In fact, three fictions. Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook (she won a Nobel Prize in 2007, so this is well-justified), We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver (a winner for Orange Prize for fiction 2005, also a well-justified choice), and the last one which I bought at the reduced price of £2.99 since I spent more than £10 for the other three books – A Quiet Belief in Angels by R.J. Ellory. Also the winner of British Book Awards.

Now the question is ‘ How do I find time to read these books?’

p.s. Oh, even talking about books makes me happy!



  1. I wonder what sort of controversial thing did Reza wrote in his book…have to wait till I have the time to open and read my 1 month old copy of the book…which is kinda irritating…just looking at the book displayed at the bookshelf

    and I wonder whats the stranger’s nationality or country of origin, because I dont think a typical british hv a similar worldview as us, or maybe he is one of a kind

  2. aahh, the wonderful justifications when you give in to temptations….huhuhu 😛

    p/s: 5 megapixel?ko beli viewty ke?aku berkenan tul a LG KS20.kirim ko belikan pastu bawak balik sini bole?huhuhuhu

  3. H,

    Why don;t you read it first, and then we discuss it together?

    Even without the justifications i.e. excuses i won’t feel guilty. Books.. they are always a good investment right?

    I only to the 5MP feature. Sony Ericsson tapi tak terasa nak hafal model apa. I’m bad when it comes to memorizing numbers.

    Dah balik Mesia tu lupakanlah segala luxuries kat UK ni. hehe

  4. again H,

    that man is a british, originally english. a typical british he is, in a sense that he reads a lot and very open to the alternatives.

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