Adam is now 5 months old!

All praise to Allah. Couldn’t help but feeling so happy and excited and thankful to see my healthy and cute nephew, Adam Haiqal.

See these pictures for yourself.

Can’t wait to go home. Well, that is five months away, God wills.

This pic does him justice – he is super adorable!

Yeah, alive and kickin’!

I think this is his normal and usual expression – from the description I heard from my mom.

I want to grow up as quickly as possible!



  1. Afni,
    macam nak balik Msia la pulak. Nak lepak US cam tak dek tujuan plak =P

    Baby Adam looks so much like you!! =>

  2. sokong ng beckyiham..he looks like his aunty! hak2..cepat2 kahwin la afni..nnt ade anak, dah x heran ngan anak buah daaahh..

  3. Hafiz,

    This little guy does grow up real quick. He needs to wear 1-yr-old clothes now at 5 months old.


    Jom balik MEsia. datang jalan2 perlis.

    Ye ke? That is unbelievable. Apa yang sama ?

    Kak dila,

    Amiin..nak kawin cepatla ni. Dalam proses..hehehe.. takde takde, anak buah still sayang jugak..takde beza pon inshaAllah.

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