For the Love of Reading

I know I should not be writing anything right now with only 1/5 of my exam is finished, but I am just bored doing Mathematics 3.

So I wandered in the web (as wide as the world it is, thus called the World Wide Web) and found this marvelous widget – Library Thing. Yeay! The largest book club ever, it boasts. I guess so and glad that I found it.

I signed up immediately, since no email required, hence taking less than a few seconds, and tried keying in a few book titles I have, those I can remember – and gotcha! There are 353 members of the group for the book I am currently reading (and trying to finish as soon as possible) – No god but God by Reza Aslan. And well, unsurprisingly 10045 fellow group members for The Time Traveler’s Wife‘ – the only love story I found incredibly touching. Recall that I am no romantic, so this recommendation is unusual.

I’ve been thinking on cataloging my collection of books, now I’ve found an easy way (put the keyword, choose cover and DONE!) to do so. Plus, I can discuss the books we the group members, and of course with you readers! Feel free to do so!

Now I should continue doing maths.

Four more papers to go. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Sounds like a nightmare (and it is a nightmare indeed). Next Saturday seems like a decade away.

Wake me up when January ends, will you?


One comment

  1. I use Shelfari instead, but same thing. Memang senang, at least to keep track and to find out waht others think about the same book.

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