Prince of Egypt

Sure you do know this film. It was banned from being screened in Malaysia because of its portrayal of Moses. And yeah, anything of this sort in that country of mine is prohibited. Need some more examples? You cannot call your god ‘Allah’ if you are not a Muslim. The film ‘The Passion of the Christ’ was banned from cinema (but not the DVD), while some other crazier films are released freely.


Whatever your stance is regarding this issue, I think this one is worth watching. If you are a Muslim, some parts of it might not be parallel to the story of Moses (upon him peace)told in the Holy Quran. It is your responsibility to check and compare. After all, most Malaysians Muslims finish i.e. khatam reading the whole Quran twice, right? Sure they do know every single story in it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

p.s. I watched a few episodes of Saladin produced by Malaysians. And I was sick to death to hear Saladin nicknamed as ‘Sal’. What the heck.



  1. makin nak exam makin banyak entry..aku pulak..makin nak exam makin rajin gi tgk blog org..kwang3..

  2. thx for the vdo, just finished watching, it was good video and a good revision, maklumla la br khatam dua kali, x berapa ingat kisahnya ;).

    just did an extra effort to read more on wiki.
    the main essence of it is in parallel with whats mentioned in the Qur’an

    But the movie, left some part at the end, the event after Moses went down from Mt Sinai again (kisah selepas nyanyian lagu Mariah Carey secara beramai2 dalam video tersebut), bringing down the Ten Commandments, where they turn their back on Moses

    The story from wiki
    “Having thus received the Torah for his people, Moses came down from the mountain and returned to his people. However, he was shocked to find that the Israelites have revolted against his brother Aaron and started worshipping a golden calf fashioned by a person named Alsamiri. Shortly thereafter, the elders asked to see the God of Moses, so he took them up the mountain. While climbing, a white bolt of lightning struck their path, and they all bowed in submission. Musa prayed for their forgiveness, and they returned to camp and set up a tent dedicated to worshipping God as Aaron taught them from the Torah.
    They began to travel for the promised land again, but ran out of food. God gave them a gift of food and sweets, but eventually the people tired, and asked for more. Moses got angry with them and admonished them for their thanklessness.”

  3. hanee konon-konon best,

    tu mmg mcm sunnatullah. highest number of entries was on last May. masa tgh sibuk2 nak exam, as usual. siap tukar template gak masa tuh.


    thanks. Most of the story in book of exodus is the same as in the quran, with some more unimportant details. Haven’t got the time to watch all yet, but it seems predictable that they’ll ignore the last bit . they were and still think that they are the ‘chosen one’, right?

  4. setuju!
    kat msia entah ape movie diorang bawak kuar..
    kalau yg memberi percambahan idea,sampah kene ban..
    tapi yang “ei,lu mau vcd special ka?”
    mudah je dapat…

  5. hafiz mz,
    betul2..cerita tu tak habis. apa yg terjadi lepas2 cross the red sea tanak plak diorg buat movie.


    thanks a lot dear!

    hamzah asadullah.
    that is what you call freedom. haahah.

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