Hillary again

Sorry, another entry on this woman. I am just merely interested. Another analysis on the impact of her.. erm.. ‘crying’ tactic.

Read these excerpts from Hill’s Angels: how angry women of New Hampshire saved Clinton:

It was not just pity, though a number of women admitted their eyes misted up at the sight of Clinton close to tears. It was not just annoyance at commentators who called Clinton “shrill”, or anger at the hecklers who yelled: “Iron my shirt.” Women, even those who have disliked Clinton since she arrived on the national stage in 1992, felt a sense of obligation.

And another one:

But as a woman who used to work in the largely male field of engineering, she was angered by the atmospherics of the campaign. “I just couldn’t believe some of the things that were said and written,” she said.

Clinton was getting regularly trashed by the rightwing talk show hosts who dominate the airwaves in New Hampshire, said Arnie Arnesen, a Democratic activist who has her own talk show. That built up resentment among women.

I wonder how women voters in Malaysia behave. Will they react in the same behaviour if the same things occur? Or is it Malaysians just follow the rule ‘As long as I can eat daily and live comfortably, I don’t care who is going to be the next ruling party’.

p.s. How is my new template? I was already bored with the previous one, to be honest.



  1. Well, i read an article bout this, it is actually more or less the same with the Americans, the average citizen actually dont care bout politic, the election campaign etc. thats why the moron always win

    wah ada pertandingan blog kah? hehe
    id click on the link, and see the blogs in the list, this blog deserve a better rank!

  2. i think americans are less politically-aware compared to the british. maybe — just a guess from my observation.

    haih, not really a pertandingan, i joined just to promote the site.

    thank you for the compliment. i am not really bothered about the ranking, though. if I really need more audience, i know some ways of promoting. it is just that i am too lazy. haha.

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