Tears strategy works!

I wrote about Hillary Clinton crying as she lost the caucuses in Iowa.

I know that this feminine ‘hydraulic’ power most often than not works well against masculine ‘will-power’ but I don’t know that it works in politics too.

Hillary Clinton took 46% votes in New Hampshire, Manchester (what a coincidence) while Obama was left with 34%. That’s what you can read from news today, and everywhere people link it to her so-called emotional breakdown.

Oh, fine. Later in MCOT AGM, if the situation requires me to cry, most probably I will. I think I am quite good at that, by the way.



  1. women’s cry power than anything huh?! its strategy..haha..even my dad cannot see me crying.well,it works! ;p

  2. everyone makes it sound like she broke down and was sobbing and really she got a little chocked up and that is it.

  3. but showing emotion is not common in politics – it shows her weakness (but somehow helped her later). media does exaggerate anyway.

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