Random : Powerful Women

Can you name any western female leaders who are long-haired?

I follow, though not really closely, the competition between these two Democrat presidency candidates : Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Basically, this is because I first read about Obama in the magazine I subscribed last year, Prospect, which once published a major article on this guy. Second, it is because Clinton is a woman, and since I have been exposed to this Leadership Theory that says great leaders usually have this alpha male traits, I am just plain interested to see how true it is by observing the kind of image projected by Clinton.

So Clinton lost quite terribly in Iowa, and being a woman she almost burst into tears.

Ha-ha. Still a woman, though.

Or is that a trick? [I can still remember the remark given by Tun Mahathir when Dr Wan Azizah won the election in 1999 – using her tears to win the sympathy of voters]

Having watched a few videos of both giving speech, I have to agree Obama is undeniably a better speaker, well, a skill considered most valuable.

Watch this. Cool, I think.

And compare that to this.

Hillary Clinton is short-haired. So do Condoleezza Rice, Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany in case you are not aware), Wu Yi of China, and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Why? Does short hair gives this more powerful and sophisticated image?



  1. well.i admitt it..none of them is the answer.well, a woman usually had a different characteristic in leadership but still the woman had feeling, kindness in their heart sometimes..this is wut happen to me;(taken from http://ezinearticles.com/?Profile-of–Women-Leaders&id=45110)”Women have to fight harder and be stronger if they want to live and work in a man’s world you have to adopt to the surronding don’t expect a man to be a gentlmen and hold the door open for you, don’t expect him to do anything out of the ordinary that a man would do for a female because in a sense you should be getting treated like his fellow counterparts and not expect differently. In order to fit in with the men you have to in a sense think, work and act like them meaning don’t think that they will treat you like the female you are. You have to be strong not every man that you encounter will treat you like this but in order to show off your strengths you should expect this.” whoa..afni,this is a cool topic that interested me for ages..furthermore..this is what we called POLITICS..however,thats why women with short-haired always be a leader..i wonder why too..maybe the long-haired too busy about their physical appearance?(hehe..just joking in the middle of the nite!)

  2. Kak Dilla,

    agree with everything. Being professional sometimes equals being emotionless.


    I don’t know him. A democrat or republican?

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