It affects us this far eh?

The self-proclaimed environmentalist is back.

Was about to start my Maths coursework when I stumbled upon this article in Yahoo News. The headline works well in deviating me from my original destination (that is CEAS website, to download Maths Spreadsheet).

It says:

Parents should pay climate change tax on extra kids: expert

(click on the sentence to read the whole article)

Now I start to laugh. I joined Manchester Leadership Program this semester and I was quite surprised to see that most of the compulsory weekly lecture on Tuesdays were directed on the issue of climate change and environment, and of course how leaders should play their role to tackle this problem. I understand and personally believed that this issue is as important as anything else (after all, this is the purpose of us, mankind is sent to the Earth – as vicegerent, and according to Ibn Taimiyyah, to uphold Islam and administrate, taking care of the earth).

I also understand that such issues affect us deeply, more than what meets the eye, which I will elaborate later. But never ever cross my mind the idea that climate change and global warming issues will affect us THIS way:

Parents who have more than two children should be charged a lifelong climate change tax to offset the effect of their extra greenhouse gas emissions, an Australian medical expert has proposed.

And Professor Garry Egger, director of the New South Wales Centre for Health Promotion and Research, agreed.”Population remains crucial to all environmental considerations,” he wrote. “The debate (around population control) needs to be reopened as part of a second ecological revolution.”

Oh, well. Might want to see how long will it take for the go-green people here to start campaigning on this. For people in Malaysia to do so (or at least aware of such ‘green’ thing), I think that will be in the other century.

p.s. I won’t limit my number of children because of this, though.



  1. I haven’t read the entry, just want to share what my professor said about climate change, especially about global warming.

    He’s convinced that global warming is only an illusion, and whatever climate change we’re having right now is completely natural, since climate cycle changes every 10 000 to 1 million years anyway. It’s about time =)

    And I do agree, because there are just a lot of geological evidences. Even the earth used to orbit the other way round, and after sometime, it would again =)

  2. Quote: For people in Malaysia to do so (or at least aware of such ‘green’ thing), I think that will be in the other century.

    haha… good one!

  3. I want to believe what your professor said, Haz, but unfortunately my brain is stuffed with too many convincing facts, as well as this particular graph that shows what your prof is saying, it increased and decreased in the previous centuries naturally. However, now, it does not seem to decrease as expected, but instead, it becomes hotter disobeying the model we have used for for predicting the ‘yo-yo’ trend.

    But it does no harm to believe and take an action, but at the same time avoid being to extreme in this matter.


    Our people they are.

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