Raya MCOT 2007 (updated)

Arghh..terasa poyo bila tengok balik pic ni!

Beautifully-produced by the talented Hani Nadhirah

This is the link for pics on Raya MCOT 2007. From one of the photographers, but he arrived a little bit late so he missed out the pics on performance, aktiviti memotong kek, and the earlier events.


Also found some more pics here:


Still waiting for pics from another assigned photographers.

p.s. AGM MCOT is on Saturday, this Saturdayin fact. I am yet to finish the report. Aihh, thinking of retiring, really!



  1. salam. Alahai, what do my dear sister expect, kak ni’mah gemuk.. jangan le doa gitu. Alhamdulilah, i’m still myself tho all the food here do make one change their sizes.. but hopefully, not me lah.. well, awak pun masih cam tu gak, eloklah. Eh yg kat ujung tu single lagi tak? kalau berkenan and need help, just let me know.. hahahah

  2. w’salam.

    heheh..i am so jealous that u can easily maintain your weight. I am struggling to do so..haihh..

    sempat lagi tu kak ni’mah! takpe takpe, don’t really need your help right now ;P

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