Pondan? Duh!

Can’t help but blogging again.

But this one is self-explanatory, hopefully.

To those who still could not find a reason why politics is as important as your self and soul-cleaning process, think about this. I detest the idea of having a minister who speaks in such a way making policies for my country which is to be lived in by my children and my future generations. Even for a marhaen like me to say such bad words is a no-no (thanks for the constant reminders, Kak Sarah!) , when it comes to a leader, a minister, they should be strictly banned!

To those who still support such leaders and behaviour – for goodness’ sake -think! Don’t turn blind eyes on these sickening attitude.

I can still remember the answer given by Nazri Aziz in Jati a few years back, during the session with us overseas students, on why, again, the price of gas is increased, would not that make life harder for low-income and middle class people?

Mafhumnya: Orang miskin tak pakai kereta, jadi mereka tak akan mendapat kesan buruk daripada kenaikan harga minyak.

I was then not so knowledgeable on such things, but I did think that the answer sounded silly and stupid.

This is what happened when leaders live so high up above the sky, they forgot how it feels to be down there on the ground.




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