I sooo want to write, but it seems that until the end of this month, I won’t have any time to do so. As I have always behaved as an undisciplined person, I might still write (out of the insatiable need and desire to write) but the following entries might be classified as quickies, rather than long, meaningful ones. Coursework deadlines are everywhere on my planner, wonder why they said that third year Chemical Engineering will be much easier than Second Year.

On the positive side of it, being a third year student is somehow, hmm, fantastic. At least most of the articles in tce (the chemical engineer) magazine suddenly make sense to me (in other words, I did learn something from lectures, which is a good news).

And oh, this is more fascinating – have you ever wondered, the way I did, when we learnt about catalysts years ago in Form Four? I did wonder how catalyst actually helps (to be more sophisticated – helps to increase the rate of reaction, by lowering the activation energy) without being consumed in a reaction, but now I have a whole module explaining the micro, tiny-weeny bits of how catalyst works. That IS interesting, if not exciting, and worth 10 credits (the fact that requires me to at least fake my excitement).

That’s all.



  1. I asked a grad student which year is the toughest in PE, and he said it was behind me (second semester sophomore).

    But how come I’m struggling more right now (first semester junior)?


    All the best, dearie! Nanti nak pinjam baca the catalyst module?

  2. Grad student memang selalunya tak accurate! Jawapan tutorial pun kadang-kadang salah. Haih!

    Bacalah, nak tolong studykan utk aku pun boleh.

  3. Daku kagum dengan encik semut itu. beliau sangat gagah. aku yakin kau juga boleh segagah itu menempuh tingkatan tiga ini. chaiyyok2! sekian, wassalaam.

    [semut itu comel juga.. ngeee]

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