Books, and more books.

I’d love to think of myself as a highly-determined person, but there’s at least one thing I know I could not help but surrender to my desire.


I managed not to buy any more books last semester, because I have told myself I need to finish all those books on the shelf first (Though in between I still indulged myself in carboot sales findings). I cheated the rule by borrowing a pile of books from McDoughall and Manchester Central Libraries, so until now I still have some books untouched.

Then I came back from Egypt with one hand luggage full of books (that’s the trick, hand luggage is rarely weighted). I think that bag was more than 15kg. I couldn’t help it, really. Translated books published by PMRAM were unavoidable, and since maktabah was just ‘sepelaung’ from Rumah Perlis, I couldn’t help passing without buying. If the precious hardcovered 750-page Selected Writings On Purifying the Soul by Sa’eed Hawwa is just LE 40 i.e. £4, who would not want to buy, right?

And last week, upon receiving my quarterly allowance, I headed direct to Waterstone’s.
Thinking of buying three books (no specific, desired title), but here are my catches for the day:

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins – can you tolerate the idea of ‘a religious atheist’? Finished the first chapter already, interesting to learn how far people utilize their minds to defy the existence of God. By the way, I think this guy has a bit of the look of the dearly missed Jose Mourinho. Huhu..

Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s The Cashflow Quadrants by Robert Kiyosaki – can’t stop reading, really. Already in the third chapter, I found it quite motivating, but I also found this, some sharp criticism on his books:

John T. Reed’s analysis of Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book

which also leads me to read this article:

Who wants to be an Entrepeneur

which somehow proved that Kiyosaki was of no help, maybe. It is good to have pro and con on something (You see how I was influenced by the Theory-of-Knowledge-class way of thinking?) and reading more about Kiyosaki leads me into finding out that Yahoo Finance is exciting enough to be read.

Currently reading a few other books, and the one I really need to finish is No god But God by Aslan Reza, which I think is a must-read. Though I don’t agree with everything he wrote, but I do find the book good enough to be recommended to others. I’ll tell you why later, inshaAllah. But here is what I found in Youtube, a debate between Aslan Reza and Sam Harris,(Encik yang menulis buku The End of Faith). I really need to find time to watch all the parts.

And yeah, for those who are still thinking there are things more important than reading, here’s a tip:

Schedule time to read. If you’re waiting until you “find” the time to read, it will never happen. If it’s important enough to read, you’ll need to carve out time to do it. Consider these possibilities:

  • Read while exercising (treadmill, stationery bike, etc.).
  • Identify any “wasted” time, such as when you’re waiting to meet with someone, or when you are doing out-of-town travel.
  • Will you read at work or at home, or both? What is the best time of day to plan reading time? Block out designated time to read.
  • Keep a TO READ folder in your car. That way you will always have something with you if you have unexpected down time (traffic jam, going to the gym, you are early or someone else is late for an appointment, etc.).

You can use your tickler file to place specific reading materials in specific dates that correspond with some of the above possibilities. For example, if you are flying somewhere next Tuesday, identify what you will take with you to read and place it in your tickler file for that day (along with your airline ticket or printout of your e-ticket confirmation code). If you have scheduled exercise time into your calendar and you would like to read while doing stationery exercise, put reading materials in the tickler for the days you will go to the gym if that will help you remember to take it with you. In other words, tee yourself up for success in getting through your reading pile!

and some more:

I Don’t Read Because — I Don’t Have Time

I have to agree with my mother, if you really love reading, you’ll find a time for it.

Don’t ask me where do I get the time, I read for pleasure.



  1. Same here, I didn’t buy any books too last semester. But yeah, I did indulge myself at the libraries ;>

    My luggage was super berat when I got back from home. My hand luggage which was dominated by books was referred to by the guys as ‘batu’ since I asked their help to haul it into the overhead compartment in the plane ;P

    Hendak seribu daya, my favorite time of the day to read is before bedtime. That’s why I always have books under my pillow =>

  2. Sorry, nak menyibuk sikit lagi =>

    I just remembered my cousin by marriage (she’s married to my eldest cuz, not the other way round ;P) who’s a high school teacher and a mom to five children (age ranges from 12 to 2 yrs old), but always manages to find time to read.

    I remembered her daughter told me over the summer; “Mama baca Harry Potter sambil driving.” And there was this one time (when I was present, I’m pretty sure she does it regularly) she read at dinner table.


  3. Books are just good friends you can’t just get rid of. I have three books on my bedside right now, in fact!

    Reading can be done anywhere, but still I need to train myself to read serious stuff in a journey.


    You say that from your experience eh? Brilliant really? Haven’t get a chance to watch them debating.

  4. I’m hating bookstores right now. I spent 3 hours on Saturday night in Borders then Barnes and Noble (because I missed the 10 o’clock bus) looking for a decent read but to no avail =(

    I’m loosing my patience with bestsellers too. The Emperor’s Children which was dubbed as book of the year by NY Times Book Review is just a literary chick-lit!

    Nampaknya kenalah saya pergi melepak lama di library.Or turn to the long abandon books from Malaysia on my shelves =)

  5. haz, aren’t most books labelled as bestsellers?

    bestsellers do not necessarily means they are good, majority thinks it is good, but being the minority is somehow a pride – means that you think differently.

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