A Few Quick Updates

Eid Mubarak everyone!

Taqabbalallah minna wa minkum.

Craving for some times to write, really, but with a lot of things going on, have to put this on hold.

Majlis Raya MCOT would be tomorrow, Saturday at 10.30 a.m to 3 p.m, Moss Side. Then next week there’s gonna be another raya (MSD), but I won’t be here in Manchester. And I consider myself lucky. If I eat some more, I will be 60kg in no time. (48kg at the end of Ramadhan and 51kg after 3 days, thus the rate of increment is 1kg per day!)

Then I have a very important Sunday.

My E-poster group (for Manchester Leadership Program) has chosen a topic on Nuclear Power, which is basically one of my biggest interest. Lucky me. Can’t think of how I’d fit in if they have agreed to choose something relates to economy, business or else. Must have been very quiet all the time. For a Chemical Engineering student, a topic on energy resource is an absolute advantage. Will try to sneak out to a free lecture on nuclear power at Brunswick St. this coming Tuesday.

Courseworks are now like water, keep pouring in with deadlines that won’t allow me to go for a theatre or two. I’ll stick to Youtube for entertainment for the time being, or maybe I’ll eat some more. Eating is entertaining as well in the short run.

Al Gore won a Nobel Prize for his effort on environmental issues (despite the 9 crucial errors in his film). Damn. Why science has been neglected? Why? Why?

Baby Adam is now two months old.

Latest pic: Hari Raya kedua. Adam was looking at his Tok (i.e. my mom). And his o*er**ight Mak Cik.

Adaaamm..jangan menggemukkan diri seperti your Mak Cik. Not healthy.

Manchester is killing me. Has planned with Hanee to go for a breakaway- I wanted to run away to Amsterdam this coming study week. But Hanee prefers hiding behind the stones at Stonehenge. No more cooking in large-scale she said. Yeah. We hide and we study Process Control, ok? I think I should just follow her will, since she has been a good personal secretary answering phone calls looking for me. (I’ve been so lazy lately to even recharge my phones. Connectivity is a torture, really.)

Random updates, which rooted from my not-so-well condition.

Sorry, mate!


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