Go Easy on His Path

I know that Allah has always made easier for me to follow His path, though I sometimes tend to ignore it. But not yesterday.

Here it goes.

Class started at 9 a.m (as always, everyday, 5 days a week), with Maths 3. I dislike numbers, but since my lecturer Mr Peter Senior is very enthusiastic about maths, I do get the excitement sometimes. Good things do propagate to others. Then I went to Process Control class. I have the instinct that it will be the most challenging subject this semester, and yes, it is – and during yesterday’s lecture I was completely lost after 20 minutes. I have not finished revising previous lecture, the notes which she (the lecturer) asked to be read on our own, and I didn’t understand a single thing thought during the new lecture, so there was no point staying for the tutorials, I must go and reread everything first.

So to the Joule Library I went, (It was only 11 p.m. and I had a group meeting at 1 p.m, so I couldn’t go directly back home) but instead of revising Process Control, I studied Process Fluid Dynamics (I’m flexible that I rarely stick to plans), which is more fulfilling. But then, reminding myself of my workloads – school works I mean, the SPB thing has gone a bit slower right now -I thought of not attending the ISOC Ramadhan Talk : What’s Your Ramadhan Resolution, at 2 p.m. I did feel slightly guilty if I did not attend, but for 5 minutes or so I tried to justify why I need to go back home, and try to finish whatever I need to catch up with with my studies. I decided to go back instead of going to the talk.

As the group meeting ended around 1.20 p.m, I walked passed a door and then I remembered that I needed to settle my elective change matter with Angela the program administrator. So instead of heading to the bus stop, I went to see Angela.

I was supposed to fill in a form, just that, but Angela asked me to sit down and explained to me about the Environmental Technology elective modules – which are going to be executed differently starting this year. One solid week for one module, not the usual one-lecture-per-week method of teaching. So she asked me to decide carefully (Can you handle one subject everyday for five days, 9-5?), so I just took the form without filling it (though I was pretty sure I want to graduate with MEng Chemical Engineering with Environmental Technology no matter what), and by the time I left it was already 1.45 p.m.

Then I just spontaneously decided to pray at UMIST Underground, and of course, head to Renold C09 for the talk after that, though I planned to go home and study Process Control.

This might not be at all a significant story for you readers, but it is for me.

I am not keen of waiting, but yesterday’s flow of events didn’t waste my time at all. There was supposed to be a time gap, which I hate, between group meeting and the talk, and furthermore I had this Majlis Khatam Quran to attend at 4 p.m, (no rest until iftar will make me too tired to have a high quality terawih session) but just as I said before, Allah has made things easier for me.

Normally, my group meeting lasts for 5 minutes, but yesterday it took longer. We finished meeting at 1.20 p.m. (40 minutes before the talk starts)

Luckily, I was reminded to go and settle the elective-changing process, now that I was in The Mill.

Normally, taking and filling the form requires less than 5 minutes, but yesterday I needed to wait for Angela to finish her phone call and listened to her explaining. That made the whole process 25 minutes. (Done at 1.45 p.m.)

Of course I am so grateful I went to the talk – it was overwhelming, seriously. The content was good, and the speaker was excellent- impressive indeed.

For the whole lecture, I think 90% of whatever that was uttered by him was either verses from al Quran, hadith, quote from prominent scholars, saying from great ulama’ or a one-liner that will stay long in my heart – only the remaining 10% was his own words and reflection. Amazing – I mean, I am training myself to be a good speaker, but I do recognize my weakness in remembering sources of important points I am to give – I might read some scholars’ statements but I can hardly remember their names precisely. Mentioning them anonymously is not always convincing, especially to those sceptics out there.

The talk ended late, as expected, at 4.20 p.m, leaving me with 25 minutes before heading south to St Gabriel Hall’s Chapel (our majlis khatam Quran was held in a place full of crosses and virgin mary’s pictures, mind you). I went home, changed my clothes (didn’t know why I had to), prayed ‘Asar and rushed to the ceremony. But all the way I was filled with this grateful feeling because right after I stepped out of C09 lecture hall, I was enlightened (Then I realized that it has been quite a while since I last listened to such inspirational talk) .

That’s the story.

Boring , but my point is, hidayah and taufik come to all of us but sometimes we repel and reject it. Shame on us!



  1. Salam,

    I totally agree with you. Happened to me a couple of times, and now, I made a resolution that as long as we do something good, God will show us the way.

    Sometimes we would feel that “matilah, aku tak sempat nak habiskan study kalau pergi” but most of the time surprisingly, all of the things we seek to do get done!

    Salam Eidul-fitr.

  2. afni..ni ida..x phmmm..amender 1 module 1 week tu??…waaaaaa!!..nnttila aku tanya ko blk…hehe saja nk menyemak kt komen ko..selamat hari raya..besok aku gi kelas pki bj raya..=p

  3. salam kak =D kongsila apa yg dirimu dpt masa talk isoc tu. daku kepenatan tgahari tu lantas tidur dan bangun dalam 2.30 tanpa solat zuhur lagi..isk.

  4. haz,

    itu namanya keberkatan masa.


    satu modul seminggu = pecahkan kepala belajar satu subjek seminggu. kol 9 sampai 5. then habis yg tu, next weeknya subjek lain plak.

    coursemate (hoho..kimah!),

    nantila aku selit kat mana2.

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