My Cup of Coffee

Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee. ~Stephanie Piro

And I missed my morning coffee so much during this Ramadhan – now I realize that I am a coffee-addict, thanks to those daily dose of caffeine I took for two months in Egypt, trying to stay focused in my intensive five-hour Arabic classes.

The school has just started, and in no time I found myself longing to write but of course there are always things that need to be prioritized. But I will try to continue writing about Egypt within this month, now that I have the pics with me.

A new semester, and of course, new modules to be taken – and new lecturers to adapt with. I fell in love with my first lecturer to teach me this semester, Dr Megan Jobson (who is going to teach me two subjects- Advanced Mass Transfer Methods and Synthesis & Design) – I am not gay in any way, but she is just marvellous and again, yeah, interesting to spend time with for the next few months. Thank God her subjects are anything but too micro. Calculating the velocity of fluid at a teeny-weeny point never sound appealing to me.

A new semester, and of course, new resolutions. Yes, get back to basics of etiquette between teachers and students, which I seem to have forgotten since I was sent to this land. How could I dare to forget something so important that al-Imam al-Ghazali put an effort to make it the very first chapter of his book?

Maybe I should really struggle to live with this analogy, which I found in Sa’eed Hawwa’s Selected Writings on Purifying the Soul:

‘Students should be like a fertile land that receives heavy rain and absorbs it completely (thus yielding good crops).’

Yes, to absorb everything and ponder of it critically – a famous quote I found in Oxford was that there are many readers, but very few thinkers. True, right?

So here we go – another year of lengthy lab sessions ( I’m gonna post the photo of the mixing vessel I’m going to fondle for the next few weeks – do I sound passionate about it? I’m trying, man). Hopefully I will still have some time to sneak out to Royal Exchange Theatre for a theatre or two.

One said that given enough coffee, he could rule the world – and I say, given enough coffee and willpower (some drinks coffee but still asleep, so no increment in productivity though) , we can rule the world!


One comment

  1. Coffee makes my monotonous life, a lil bit gay. Yay!

    Its rare ppl quote from all these classic Kitabun, which undeniably sound very contemporary, so 2 thumbs up for yr efforts!

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