Welcome to Manchester!

The crowd. Old and new.

The Qari and the translator.

The boss. Your speech was too long.

The smiling auntie Azimah. In the background was Aslam (2nd boss) giving away something for the freshers.

The girls. Iftar.

The only problem that we, MCOT consistently face is that we normally tend to underestimate the number of people coming to our events.

For example:

Event: Talk, Solat Hajat, & Qiyamullail Mega (Pre-winter exam)

Estimated number of members coming: 60
Actual number: 80

Direct consequence: Not enough food, encik penghulu had to sprint to Pizza Co for help. Or was it al Jazeera?

Event: Minggu Penghayatan Islam Closing Ceremony

Estimated number of members coming : 60
Actual number: 75

Direct Consequence: Not enough food, committee members couldn’t eat.(But later went to Sizzler, thanks to encik penghulu)

And again, yesterday we had the same problem.

Event: Majlis Kesyukuran & Pelancaran MCOT Freshers Month

Estimated number of members coming: 100

Actual number: 110-120

Direct consequence: Enough chicken for everyone, but not enough rice.

*Sigh* Surely we didn’t learn from mistake.
Maybe, just to be on the safe side, we should estimate 120 each time.

Nahh..I am not at all whining.
After all, MCOT runs for MCOTians, right?

And I am just a happy secretary!

Thanks for coming, Mancunians.

Allah muliakan MCOT, InshaAllah, as long as we stick to the right path.



  1. Congrats for organizing a successful event! Orang datang terlebih ramai tu berjayalah maksudnya =)

    Tak larat aku tengok first foto tu. Nak jugak Kimah menempel dalam frame. Haha.

    Gambar Cik Sekretari tak ada pun?

  2. hehe haz..saje je daku syok2 nak meriahkan gambar tu. nanti kesian aa kat cik afni kalau ambil gambar, xde org tengok.hee.

  3. cik secretary terpaksa menyibukkan diri ke sana-sini (dan mengambil pics). xsempat nak posing.

    alhamdulillah. hopefully lps ni makin succesful.

    nama pun pic kandid cik kimah, takde org tgk lagi baik. heheh

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