University Life Part Three : Short notes

Freshers’ Fair is undeniably a very good place to kill your boredom. It was very very cold, I think it was around 12.5 degree Celcius (and it is just the beginning of autumn, mind you!). I think I should really work hard campaigning on climate change, it is cold it’s killing me.

Hasil pendapatan di Freshers’ Fair yang disepah-sepahkan. The best catch was the ISOC planner.

Fosis Freshers’ Pack: VCD ‘Advice to the Students’ by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. A good piece and I should be listening to it before I start my semester 5.

One of the best things about studying in the UK is all these campaigns. See near the corner on the right: The Unions successful boycott Coca-cola Campaign. Do Malaysians bother about such things? Even the minister was against this boycotting.

Meet the Sexperts column: I wonder why such rubbish should be included in a university newspaper. It is a permanent column giving sex tips and advice. Oh, the post script written there was , hmm, it sounds like this:

P.S – Most people don’t actually get laid in Freshers’ Week, so don’t panic. Keep your eyes peeled on this column and you more luck next time.

Stupid I say.

Saya adalah penyokong parti Hijau walau di mana saya berada. Vote Green Party!

Entry on Green Party: Only after…

Environmentalist’s rules of life. Should be made as the sacred rules of 30 East Grove. With three chemical engineers in the house, there should not be any resistance.

Really looking forward for this one. Long to listen to such things, to get my mind working again, in a different way then the way used to study kitab turath and arabic language.

Freshers’ Fair was about to end. Manchester Academy was the venue. I have already finished collecting my freebies by this time.

Freebies: medication. Well, guess what’s in it.

Well, these were things in the carry bag. The most important thing was the one in the red box/packet.

All you need to know about the C word: C for condom, ok? Safe sex is what they are trying to promote, since the highest rate of abortion was during Freshers’ Week. Just hopeful that we don’t have to prepare such giveaways during orientation week in Malaysia.

I’m thinking, will joining Communist Society make me chased by the ISA and my scholarship stopped?

The disco bus: this is university life. But not my life. Obviously.

The once again lively Oxford Road. Thank God school has started. I love seeing people around.

In front of students’ Union. An extra busy and extra filthy day for a normally hectic and dirty road.

Crowded with freshers and not-so-fresh undergraduates, like me. Oh, I feel old to be a third year student!

Ignore the guy, the focus was the truck behind. Four dancing humans promoting Vodka Island, a pub.

A glimpse of one part of my university life.

Dare to experience?



  1. Since the university admin couldn’t do anything about hedonism these days, they actually change course and try to make it safer (hence the condom giveaways) or turn it into something fruitful (Is Vodka Island owned by the uni? I think not, but to be there at the Fresher’s Fair, the uni must have gotten something back in return). Yes, hopefully the same scenario would never happen in Malaysia.

    We don’t have FF here at Mines. But ‘safe sex’ packet is always available at the Health Center. Pernah jugak datang perangai nakal, rasa nak ambil je satu, just to find out what else are inside. Haha. And when I went to the nurse for a fever, stomachache, or flu shots, she never failed to ask;
    “Are you pregnant, or is there any reason that you could be?”

  2. afni…gmbo2 awak yg kt oxford road tuh menyebabkan kak syud merindui manchester semule setelah bersusah pyh selame 2bln utk cube melupekannye..huhu πŸ™‚

  3. Haz,

    not only vodka island unfortunately there were at least 4 booths promoting suchlike pubs in the fair. yeah, i’m thinking the uni is taking advantage of that as well.

    kak syud,

    kalo rindu datang balikla.

    c for crazy is correct. ten marks for you. it is gone due to a few reason.

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