A Night to Remember (updated)

A Night to Remember

If only I could seize the moment.

The bright half moon of 22 Jumadil Akhir.

The uncountable shining stars up above the the cloudless sky of Wadi Muqaddas.

The slow, comforting camel ride on the trail.

The wind that blew smoothly, caressing my every thought.

The mighty Mount Sinai that seems to be looking at me, awaiting patiently my arrival.

An image I would treasure all my life.

(If only I could picture it here)

p.s: I lost my beloved watch, the one I bought using the money awarded by EXSAS (ex-student society of SEMSAS) for being PMR 2000 best student six years ago while riding the camel.



  1. U did described it picturesquely, but pic might help as I cant imagine you riding a camel hehe
    Feel sorry bout yr lost, let it go, everything happen for a reason

  2. I have to agree, Hafiz. You did capture it, in poignant, well chosen, well constructed words and phrases.

    Be patient with the “loss.” He might have something better in store for you.

    Take care.

  3. well, i tried to seize the moment, record it in words.. don’t ever want to forget it!
    inshaAllah, sabar dan redha.

  4. gayat..unta tu jalan siap tergelincir 2-3 kali. oh, pic second tu masa baru naik, tgh nak stablekan badan baru.

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