My boarding pass :P

**This entry was written on-board, somewhere above the earth.

So here I am , on seat 40E in British Airways flight to Cairo. Seems to be a fact of no importance, but two hours ago I have a big possibility of having to go back to Manchester.

I was denied from boarding to the booked flight.

No visa.

‘I am sorry, you definitely need a visa to enter Egypt’

I was like, hey, all my friends go to Egypt without having a visa! So the nightmarish experience began. One thing I kept firm in my head, I must reached Cairo by tomorrow, on the flight that was to take off within two hours, by all means.

Now we had to weigh a few options.

Calling the Egyption Consulate proved to be of no help, with the operator speaking heavily-accented English, unfriendly response from the officer.

The only possible option would cost me money, it goes like this: change the date of my return ticket, within 2 weeks time from my arrival date (so that I don’t need visa), apply for visa as soon as I reach egypt (which I know is not hard, plus very cheap), and change back my return ticket to the date I planned earlier. Cost me a lot, but the thing is, I want to go to Egypt no matter what. Hehe.

And one hour ago, I felt like kissing my newly-received boarding pass.


Diuji bererti dikasihi, kan?


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