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Out of the sudden I think I have grown some interests in politics, be it reading on political news, or thinking about it, constructing logics to convince my working minds, and else. In the middle of my boredom I tried a few political tests, and to my surprise, most of the tests regard me as a moderate authoritarian instead of libertian, which, according to one of the test means:

Authoritarianism is a political system that blends Conformance and Interdependence.
People in this category will want the government to play two essential roles:

  • Enforce the moral order and
  • Ensure that the state or its members are the primary benefiaries of the actions of individuals.

while the term moderate explained as:

Moderate Authoritarianism is the variation of Authoritarianism that blends Conformance and Interdependence in moderation.

People in this category will tend to have balanced and moderate opinions about enforcing the moral order (religious conformance, family values, lesser freedom of expression, law enforcement…) and about expanding collective initiatives (social programs, industry regulation, nationalizations…).

Well, at least I am moderate. Those people working with me must be thankful for that fact, because if I were to score a little bit higher I would have been an extreme authoritarian, with possible ideologies of Fascism and Stalinism. Hehe.

By the way, I don’t trust personality tests.



  1. U shouldnt trust this test if u dont believe in personality test, I think, both tests used the same methodology, statistical prediction

    Speakin bout your moderate authoritarian political trait (still on the authoritative side, dowh moderate), hehe, my advice is, try to avoid an authoritative male for the future ‘constitution’ ull get into, dowh guys are generalized as ego maniac, I think there are some guys who’ll love an authoritative wife (i knew some), best of luck finding one hehe–>sorry terkeluar tajuk :P,

    i know people can change role when the person is in other constitution/setting, eg a female boss becoming a good wife at home

    im just teasing n merapu2 haha

  2. Memang merapulah!

    But hey, being a little bit like a dictator is not too bad, if you have another important skill to conceal your dictatorship.


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