Brit goes Nuclear!

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Interesting change, everyone is desperate for some more energy. I have no bad feeling on nuclear power, despite the issue of nuclear waste – and I know I am not alone, none of the students in my Environmental Tech class is against nuclear power, to the surprise of our lecturer, Dr Garforth.

Britain was an early adopter of the technology and has had at least some of its electricity produced via nuclear reactors for more than half a century.

However, while other nations have enthusiastically embraced nuclear generation – around three-quarters of French electricity is produced this way – Britain has been more tentative, with only around a fifth of its power being nuclear produced.

Too bad if you are the one who teaches, but everyone gets the benefit except you. After all, we are not that hopeless in ensuring the safety of any nuclear projects.

But of course, there are problems:

But new nuclear power stations are seen as unlikely to come on stream before the end of 2017 at the earliest, leaving a potential gap in electricity supplies earlier in the decade.

Paul Golby, Eon UK’s chief executive, said: “To keep UK plc’s lights on we need to look at all our options and not just at one.

“That means we need new gas stations, new cleaner coal stations, clean coal with carbon capture and storage, renewables and nuclear, and we also need more energy efficiency and decentralised generation.


Hmm..banyak betul masalah kat dunia ni!

p/s: Don’t you tell me this issue is not important; what drives the invasion of Iraq and all those Middle East countries if not the insatiable need for more energy sources?


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